Saturday, March 4, 2017

It's that time...

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”
- Aristotle

Time for priming our 2017 internship program.  This is a program dear to my heart, and I hope you guys embrace it.  Too many times we’re so focused on our day to day tasks at home and at work to take a moment to reflect on our past.  I ask you to take a minute or two to remember what it was like to be at opportunity’s door with unchartered territory in front of you.  Think back to when you made that fateful decision to embrace adulthood, accept responsibility, and step out into the workforce as an individual; eager yet unprotected and a bit uncertain, but cautiously optimistic.

For some of us, that decision came too early, unexpectedly, or unsolicited.  For others, it may have been after graduating high school or college.  And some felt that same way upon returning to the workplace after a long period of time.  Regardless, that unmistakable feeling should never be forgotten.

BUT… wait!  That feeling I so affectionately described most times came with teenage-like awkwardness, novice mistakes, and often riddled with embarrassment.  How many times during those first few months did we say, “did anyone see that?” … “how’s this supposed to work” … “this wasn’t covered in class” … “what? Passing gas is NOT funny? No beer in the fridge?” … etc.

Now, then, it’s our turn to provide guidance for those soon to enter the workforce in a year or so.  We, as seasoned professionals, may not be able to put all those uncertainties to rest, but we can certainly provide early guidance to a few, select individuals.  We have the opportunity to expose them to the workplace, to real-world projects and issues and to prepare them for their future career(s).

If done correctly, we’ll be able to make use of their work while showing them that it’s really not that bad out there; and, perhaps, if they’re good enough, even have them join us F/T contributing team members after they complete school.

Our program is structured in such a way as to expose them to our team members at all levels.  To receive guidance from us, to perform worth-while duties, to explore their capabilities, and to give them an opportunity to present their work in front of their peers.

I encourage managers from our various departments to take this program seriously and submit your requests to HR as soon as possible.  Great minds await!

Oh, and for the rest of the team that may be feeling old at this point, just remember:

“No one who is young is ever going to be old.”
- John Steinbeck (East of Eden)